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How do I assign Mentors and Mentees?


Assignment of Mentors and Mentees is a two-part process: Part 1, assign a Physician (Mentor) to a Scholar (Mentee), and Part 2, assign Scholar(s) (Mentee(s)) to a Physician (Mentor).

Assign Mentor Steps

  1. Locate the Keap Id and Display name of the Physician who will be the Mentor [Physician list].
  2. Navigate to the Scholar list and locate the Scholar [Scholar list].
  3. From Interactive View you should see a tab named “Forms” when you hover over a contact.
  4. Choose the “Scholar: Assign Mentor” option from the “Internal Forms…” dropdown and click the “Fill Out Form” button.
  5. The First Name and Email fields should be auto-populated.
  6. Enter the Physician Keap Id in the “Mentor Keap Id ” field.
  7. Enter the Physician Name in the “Mentor Name” field.
  8. Click Save