NIAAH Mentors

Seeking Physician Mentors.

We need you. Students need you. Our communities need you.

NIAAH Mentors Program

The NIAAH Mentors Program is designed to connect experienced African American physicians to the next generation of Black doctors.  

With your help, NIAAH will provide mentorship, academic support, and an interactive community for African American pre-med and medical students who enroll in NIAAH Scholars.

We want to see more African American students enrolled in medical programs and completing their medical training as Physicians.

NIAAH Scholars program funding was made possible by a grant from the Cleveland Foundation.

Register today to become a NIAAH Physician Mentor. 


NIAAH Mentors are a valued resource for NIAAH Scholars!

  • Support Scholar mentees to maintain good academic standing and enrollment, including reviewing unofficial transcript information and advising on courses. 
  • Offer advice on certification and licensing examinations.
  • Writing letters of recommendation when appropriate. 
  • Networking and helping with residencies, fellowships, and job placements. 

But first, we need you to submit a complete application. The online application and supporting documentation must be completed before being matched with a Scholar mentee. 

As a NIAAH Mentor,

you will benefit from a private community with other African American physicians to share resources, ideas, and experiences. You will also have the honor of mentoring one-on-one, the next generations of Black physicians.